Donation of Paint for the Colihaut Primary School

Donation of Paint for the Colihaut Primary School

At a presentation ceremony held by the President’s Charities Foundation Erika Relief Fund Subcommittee on Friday, 1st July 2016 at the State House, Mrs. Cherry-Ann Joachim-Knowlessar, Assistant Export Manager of Ansa Coatings Limited – Manufacturer of Sissons Paint, presented fifty-eight (58) gallons of Paint to His Excellency Charles A. Savarin as their contribution to the President’s Charities Foundation Erika Relief Fund Subcommittee’s efforts toward the refurbishing of the Colihaut Primary School that had been severely impacted by Tropical Storm Erika.

Mrs. Joachim-Knowlessar thanked His Excellency for accommodating her at such short notice and told the ceremony that when contacted by their longstanding business associate, Mr. Antoine Raffoul, her company Ansa Coatings was more than happy to make this in-kind contribution, and that they looked forward to making similar contributions in the future.

Mr. Raffoul responded that following a site visit headed by His Excellency to both schools, he decided to contact his business associates for financial support and when he was informed by Ansa Coatings that they could not commit to a financial contribution but were more than willing to assist with an in-kind contribution, he did not hesitant to ask for a donation of paint. He concluded that he enjoys working with the Office of the President and the President’s Foundation, and will continue to give his support to the Foundation in its humanitarian efforts.

Miss Marcella Powell, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education represented the Honouarble Minister Petter Saint Jean, who was unable to attend the ceremony owing to an overseas official engagement. She conveyed her Ministry’s thanks and appreciation to Ansa Coatings for this kind and generous gesture and used the opportunity to inform the ceremony of the challenges being faced by the Ministry of Education as a result of the impact of tropical Storm Erika on some twenty (20) of the schools around the island. Miss Powell also thanked the Office of the President for collaborating with her Ministry to facilitate the re-opening of Colihaut and Coulibistrie Primary Schools in the new school year.

His Excellency thanked Mrs. Joachim-Knowlessar for making time whilst on her business trip here to make this presentation which will help facilitate the re-opening of the Colihaut Primary School in the New Year school which commences on 4th September 2016. His Excellency asked Mrs. Joachim-Knowlessar to convey his profound thanks and appreciation and that of the President’s Charities Foundation to the Management of Ansa Coatings Limited, and also used the opportunity to thank Mr. Antoine Raffoul, Chairman of the President’s Charities Foundation, for his loyal, dedicated and unparalleled service from the inception of the Foundation some thirteen (13) years ago.

His Excellency reported that the Office o f the President has been working closely with the Ministry of Education which has given its approval to the Subcommittee’s proposed areas of assistance to the Colihaut and Coulibistrie Primary Schools. His Excellency further reported that the Office of the President has on the behalf of the Subcommittee placed an Order with a Chinese company for sixty- five (65) desks and chairs for the students similar to those at the Newtown Primary; five (5) desks and chairs for the teachers, and five (5) cupboards, and has been given the assurance by the suppliers that the consignment will arrive in advance of the new school year. His Excellency further reported that the Subcommittee is also committed to further assisting with repairs to the Colihaut School.

With regard to the Coulibistrie Primary School, His Excellency informed the ceremony that the President’s Charities Foundation (Erika Relief) Fund Subcommittee has committed the sum of fifty thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$50,000.00) toward resurfacing and transforming the fore court of the school into a fully functional multipurpose court. The Subcommittee looks forward to making a presentation of its contribution toward the Coulibistrie Primary School at a ceremony being organized by the Ministry of Education.

Also in attendance at the ceremony, were Mrs. Clara Savarin, wife of His Excellency; Miss Donille Blackmoore, President Secretary; Ms. Jane George, Principal of the Colihaut Primary School; and Mr. Mitchel John, Member of the Colihaut Primary School.

Mr. Oliver St. John, Member of the President’s Charities Foundation, who chaired the proceedings, concluded the ceremony by thanking all those in attendance particularly Mrs. Joachim-Knowlessar and requested of her to convey the Foundation’s sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Ansa Coatings Limited.

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